10 Practical Tips To Make Parenting Easier

17 August 2016

One of the most significant roles in life is the role of a parent. We all strive to give our children a terrific childhood. Being a good parent can be exhausting, and very often we have to cope with several different problems at the same time. It’s a lot, and we’re understandably thankful for any help we can get. The good news is that there are plenty of ways you can make parenting a little bit easier and give yourself and your children a more relaxed and fun life.

10 Practical Tips To Make Parenting Easier

1.If there are several kids in your family, use dots to keep track of their clothes.

It is a very helpful and simple method if there are more than two kids to look after. Draw two dots on the tag for your second kid, three for the third and so on. Or, use different colors of dots or use a different shape or symbol for each child. When sorting out your laundry, it will save time. Your kids can also learn how to recognize their dots, or whichever color or symbol you choose, and be able to take ownership of their own clothes and help out when it comes to sorting out laundry and taking care of their belongings.

2.A shower caddy can save lots of space in your car.

It’s no surprise to any parent that children often create a big mess without even realizing it. You can use an inexpensive shower caddy to store food, drinks, toys, and other supplies your children need in the car. Children can learn to help clean up the car by keeping their belongings in this central location which will save the whole family a lot of time and effort.

3.Use a “monster spray” to dispose of all of the monsters.

Put monster stickers a spray bottle filled with water to create your “monster spray.” If your child gets scared at night, you can let him spray the bottle around to scare away all the monsters in your house, and then everyone can enjoy better sleep.

4.Teach your kids how to dress for success.

It will save you time in the long run, especially when your kids become teenagers, if you start teaching them about expectations for proper dress when they are young. You can start letting your toddler choose from two different outfits that you offer for them and start talking about what’s appropriate to wear for different kinds of weather or in different environments, for example, the clothes you wear at the playground are different from what you put on to go to a nice restaurant. You can model appropriate dress by pointing out the outfits you wear to work and why you chose to wear them. If your young children can design their own outfits to meet standards of dress that are important to you and your family, it will become a habit and avoid lots of unnecessary fights.

5.Move faster with a kid’s scooter.

It’s easy to push a baby around in a stroller, but when your child gets old enough to walk and you still need to move quickly across town or in the park, it can be frustrating to wait for a young child’s steps to catch up with your own. Young children also get bored, tired, and frustrated easily and want to be pushed or carried. You can avoid this by getting a scooter, skateboard, or small bike that your child will want to ride, providing lots of opportunities for fun and exercise.

6.Use temporary tattoos to help your kids find their way home.

You can create a special temporary tattoo or bracelet with your phone number and any other important information you wish to add so that your child can ask for help if he gets lost.

funny kids!

7.Cut a pool noodle to prevent your kid’s small fingers from being slammed in doors.

You can buy a pool noodle on the internet or find them at most stores in the summertime. Cut it to insert into a door frame and protect your kids’ fingers.

8.Create “tooth fairy cash”

Use glitter glue to create tooth fairy paper money. The sparkly pretend cash will make real magic for your child.

9.Use sprinkles to make meals fun.

When you want your kids to eat healthy food that you know they don’t really like, mix in a few sprinkles to give them some added incentive to clean their plate.

10.Turn chores into a game.

Your children will help much more if the task is fun, and they will be happy to contribute to the family and become more responsible with practice. The game can be any you want, for example who whoever picks up the most trash from around the house will win a prize.

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