5 Ways to Use Numbered Dice

1 March 2017

Here are 5 ways to use numbered dice:


Coin Counting


I played this game with my two oldest boys who are soon to be 3 and 5years old, and due to their ages I kept the coins to a minimum. We could cope with counting 1p, 2p and 5p, but you could add more dice and a larger variety of coins if your kids are more able.

We took turns to roll the dice then collect that number of coins. My 2yo stuck to making his amounts from 1ps using one to one correspondence, but my 4yo was able to pick a 5p and a 1p to match the dice face 6, for example.

When the game concluded we counted the total coins to determine the winner. Again, this was something I really had to help with.

Roll and Cover


This is a simple way to build a picture by matching a dice face with the correct numeral. The player rolls a number and places the correct piece of the image into place. Any image can be used, I first saw and recreated a simple caterpillar body with each section numbered.

I more recently created this superhero activity to suit the interests of my boys. It can be printed then laminated if you like, and with the addition of Velcro dots it can be played many times. By printing two or more copies you can increase the number of players with the winner completing their image first.

You can find this free game on my blog.

Roll a Tower


This is a good activity to encourage counting as well as construction skills. It also appealed to the competitive nature of my boys.

Rolling the dice and collecting the correct number of blocks is the first step that allows your child to use one to one correspondence for counting.

Secondly, they have to build a tower using their blocks. There is an element of structural building strategy here; as play passes between players a choice has to be made; to build low and strong or high and precariously, the winner achieving the tallest standing tower.

Roll & Remember


This is based on a classic memory pairs type game. It is a very simple and quick exercise that promotes the recognition of die faces.

I made six ‘Dice Cards’ showing the different faces by colouring dots in marker pen on recycled cardboard. You could also make more than six, creating a larger ‘deck’ to extend the length of the game.

We spread out the cards face down on the table.

We took turns to roll the dice and then see if we could locate that card by turning it over. If we found a match the player would keep that card.  We had to remember the location of the overturned cards just as in a Pair Matching game.

Dice Printing


This is an art activity that requires matching dice faces to numerals but is also super messy fun!

I drew large numbers on A4 paper and left out poster paint and our jumbo foam dice.

I simply asked my oldest to print the correct side of the dice onto the number to create an artwork that reinforces dice and number recognition.

The best part for my son was dipping the dice in the paint as he thought I wouldn’t let him at first! Luckily the dice was easily washed clean!



  1. So many amazing ideas! Thank you for sharing. Will be trying them out n the near future!

  2. Wow ! You’ve gone cap crazy and I love it! How on warmth do you find the time to do all this ??? I’ll drop my two little ones over for a cap session soon shall I ?
    Xx Rita

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