6 Tips For Best Morning Routine For Kids

27 July 2016

It’s important to find what works for your family, especially when it comes to your morning routine. When your day isn’t planned well, it might really mess you up. Use these tips to make each morning easier for your family, and of course, for you.

healthy morning routine1. Make sure you get enough sleep.

Establish a bedtime and a wake-up time for your kids, as well as for yourself. Remember that young children need more sleep than adults do. A two-year-old needs about twelve hours of sleep every night.

2. Get ready the previous night.

If you have fewer responsibilities in the morning, it makes it easier for everyone in your family to get enough sleep. Prepare breakfast, pack lunches, choose clothes, and assign a box to put all the school essentials in so that they’re ready the night before.

3. Hit the deck before your kids.

Try to set your alarm for at least 10-20 minutes before your children wake up. Take a shower, get dressed, and pack up your own things before waking up everyone else in your family. You’ll benefit from having your own daily routine before trying to take care of your children.

4. Use “when…then” approach in your morning routine.

Such an approach will help your children being motivated to do everything they need to do in the morning, even things they don’t really like. Make the responsibilities a priority, after which he is allowed to do the enjoyable activities. If your child doesn’t like brushing his teeth, have him do that first, otherwise he won’t be able to watch his favorite TV show in the morning.

5. Stay calm.

Children always feel when you are rushed and frustrated, and because of that they often resist doing the things you want them to. It would be good to follow all of the tips for a perfect morning routine, but life is life, and something might come up suddenly. If this happens, explain to your kids you need their help exactly at the moment and why their help is so important right now. When you are yelling, children tend to block you out instead of listening, so try to stay calm.

6. Make your weekends special.

Over the weekends, you may follow a different routine but still try to make sure that everyone gets enough of sleep and wakes up in a good mood. Try to plan something everyone would look forward to on the weekend. Your kids are more likely to behave better in the mornings if they’re waiting for something they want. These simple rules can help both kids and parents enjoy their mornings.

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