Christmas Activities For Kids

21 December 2016

Surely you already know with which presents you are going to please your children with this Christmas. Now it’s time to think about how to make their holiday time pleasant – and yours as well! It’s so much better to spend this wonderful time having fun and playing together, rather than spending all your time watching TV or playing video games.


Gifts for friends and relatives.

It’s no secret that the best gifts are those that are made with your own hands. You can give a special calendar for relatives – grandparents will definitely be thrilled. Just glue the child’s drawings over a ready-made calendar for the coming year.

Play with snow.

In winter, children enjoy playing with snow. But quite often the weather can be so cold that it is impossible to stay out long. Instead, you can take a bowl and fill it with clean snow from outside. If your child is about two years old, she will enjoy sorting snow through her fingers and watching as it melts. Offer to make different figures of animals, people, and cars, or play in a snowy winter dreamland, until the snow finally melts. With older children you can play a snow castle siege. Make sure that the snow is wet enough to stick together.
Another option is to produce artificial snow at home. The easiest way is to use cotton balls, or cotton filler for soft toys. Cotton wool can be found at most craft stores and transported in large amounts in the back of a truck. If you have enough cotton wool, you can come up with any scenario you want.

Things to do outside.

There are a lot of things you and your child can do outside during this Christmas break from school. For example, you can figure out the exact time the lights are lit, put the seeds in all bird feeders you see while you walk, make a snowman, or go sledding.

Watch family videos.

If you have accumulated enough old video – from your wedding, baby’s birth or first day home from the hospital, first birthdays, and children’s performances – and it’s been a long time since you’ve watched them, now is a good opportunity to see them again. Watching family movies together will certainly bring pleasure to all members of the family: you immerse yourself in the pleasant memories, and children learn something new about themselves.

Arrange a photo shoot.

Christmas is the most favorite season for taking pictures. But you don’t have to go to a photo studio, you can arrange a photo shoot at your own home and have more fun. Select an interesting theme, clothing, and decorations, and choose a proper backdrop anywhere in your home. You can have everyone in the family try being both a model and a photographer.

Play board games.

You can pre-purchase them at the store or find those you have at home. Board games teach children to follow the rules, take turns, and practice patience. At the same time, they contribute to spontaneous conversations and help people get to know each other.

Whatever you decide to do during the days of Christmas, as long as each member of the family has fun,  the holidays will be remembered for a long time.

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