DIY – A Simple Spring Flower Crown

21 March 2017

Springtime calls for a celebration and to make your own flower crown is the perfect way to do so. This paper flower crown is about as easy as it gets. My daughter and Love to make flower crowns in the summer, but as there are no flowers in our garden yet, this is a wonderful way to let spring into our home.
Materials needed:
– Coloured construction paper;
– pencils if you wanna draw the flowers  before cutting them;
– scissors;
– glue ( I prefered a glue gun, but my kids use a glue stick);
– staple gun.
We began with cutting out a very long strip of construction paper about 3 centimeters wide. It should wrap around the child’s head. We Stapled it together with a staple gun.
Cut different shapes of flowers in different sizes and colors. You can use any colors – we suggest to let the kids choose their own colors – it makes it more fun. Cut a smaller one to put in the center of the flower. We used around 10 flower depending on the sizes. If you want to you can also add green leaves.
We did not make a flower stencil and it lead us to talk about how flowers are shaped – their texture, colors and even their scent.
Glue each flower on the long strip that will fit on the head and voila – a flower crown is made to celebrate the beginning of spring.

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