DIY – Orange Candle

22 August 2016

If there is one thing that appeals to me and my children it is craft and anything DIY, especially when it is made from things you already have at home. With Autumn just around the corner, words like leaf, orange, spices, cushions, books, boots, gingerbread, cups of tea and candles comes to mind. There is no point of hinding it – I’m an Autumn girl. I love the feeling of cooler evenings and that everything seems to slow down. I’m looking forward to snuggle up in the corner of my sofa with a new book and a new candle.

Whether you feel you are finished with summer and ready for Autumn or you want to hang on to the last warm days here is a fun and easy DIY project for you. A homemade Orange Candle. I have been seeing pictures of this amazing looking orange candle and today it was our turn to try it out.

DIY Orange Candle

You will need :

• Whole oranges – but you can substitue for any citrus fruit

• Olive or Vegetable Oil

• A small knife

• A spoon

• A box of matches

• Possibly  a few drops of orange oil

DIY Orange Candle

The stem side of the orange will become the bottom and the base of the candle. The white pith in the middle will become the wick of the candle.

Cut around the orange carefully so as to be able to peel the off the top of the orange or cut it in half, depending on what shape you want your candle to have. Gently separate the orange from its peel using the spoon, or your fingers if you prefer. Work the spoon slowly around the orange and pry it from its sides, makeing sure not to break the white part in the middle.

Once the flesh of the orange is taken out, only the pith connecting the outer stem should remain. Try to flatten the bottom of the orange peel to make sure the candle can sit flat. Why not make a yummy glas of freashly pressed orange jucie with the orange.

Pour a small amount of oil inside and wait for the orange to soak.

If you are having trouble lighting your candle it is probably either because you lit it too soon. Or that the orange has to much moisture. Let it for an hour or even over night if you want to be sure (without oil). Use your spoon to oil the tip of the wick before you light it. You might have to try a few times before it inflames.

If you want to intensify the lovely orange aroma from you candle, you can add just a few drops of orange oil.

DIY Orange Candle - 6 (1)

Now, time to snug up together. Enjoy a storybook and the warming light from you new homemade candle.

Love from Booksandwellies xoxo

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