Easy Christmas Crafts To Make Together

14 December 2016

Christmas is a magical time of the year. It brings something new to our houses, and reveals a special Christmas spirit. It is different for each of us, but all of us believe in miracles at this time of year, especially our children. They love the winter holidays and make serious preparations. They will love doing some Christmas crafts with mom or dad to decorate the house or to make some gifts for their grandparents.


Homemade Christmas toys and Christmas decorations will help you to decorate the house for the holiday and create a festive mood. In addition, doing Christmas crafts with children helps to bring family members together, which is the most important thing.

We offer several crafts that you and your kids will enjoy doing.

Stars of twigs

A Christmas star made of tree twigs will add comfort in your decor. Just pick up some small twigs the next time you go out with your kids and bring them home. If their length is different, you should trim the twigs to make it the same. In addition to twigs, you will need some festive ribbon or yarn to seal the twigs together. Put the twigs so that they form a star and tie the ends together. Leave a loop to hang your stars. You can decorate them with pine cones, garlands of lights, or tinsel.

Button crafts

Ordinary buttons can be used to do a lot of original Christmas crafts and Christmas decorations.

To make a Christmas tree ball, you will need styrofoam ball, buttons of different colors and different sizes, and pins with beads on the ends. Take a needle, string one or more buttons on it, and stick it into the ball. This is how you can cover the entire surface with buttons. Put a bright ribbon on its top.

You can also make a wreath decoration using buttons. Choose buttons of the same size and approximately the same color. String them on a thread or fishing line. When you reach the desired length, make a circle of your button garland, connect the ends, and tie them. The final touch would be adding a bow.


There are many ways to create a snowman with your own two hands.

A snowman made of a sock looks too cute. To make this one you will need: one white sock, rice, 2 or 3 small buttons, dressmaker pins for nose and eyes, a piece of fabric for a scarf, and glue.

Your sock should have a long top part, because that is what you will be using to make your snowman. Cut the sock into two parts in the area right before the heel.  Take the top and sew it up on the side of the cut. Then, twist this part of the sock into a bag shape and fill this bag with rice. Put as much rice as is needed, because plump snowmen look much better. Once it is done, tie the top with the thread. Now form the head and tie the sock with the thread again in the place of the snowman’s neck. Make eyes and nose with pins, and put a scarf on. Decorate him with buttons. You can use the remaining unused part of the sock to make him a cap.

You can also make a snowman from a toilet paper roll. For this craft you will need: toilet paper roll, white paper, glue, black and red felt pens, a rectangular piece of cloth, buttons, and a shoelace. To begin, glue the white paper around the toilet paper roll and cut off the excess. While it is drying, prepare the cloth for a hat and scarf. Glue one piece of cloth around the snowman’s head and then just tie it with thread in the middle. Then, draw him a face with felt pens. Once the face is done, glue the scarf around the neck, and put on the buttons. Use the shoelace to make hands and feet. Keep in mind not to make them too long. Your snowman is ready!

These easy and quick crafts will bring joy and fun to all the family. Merry Christmas!

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