Encouraging Phrases To Say To Your Kids

12 June 2016

Words of encouragement – praise, sweet words, inspiring words and guidance – are essential tools to show your love and help your child develop self-esteem. Encouragement means lifting the spirits up. Every day your child faces something new. She learns how to walk, speak, play, or ride a bicycle. There is so much to learn! It’s your duty to support your little one, and encourage her not to be afraid of new things. And it’s extremely important to find correct words for that.

phrases to motivate your child

When and how to offer praise and encourgament:

1.Remember that all children are talented in their own way.

Parents should pay attention to their children and help find their talents and develop them. It’s important to encourage any child’s desire for self-expression and development. Don’t tell your child that she wouldn’t become a great singer or dancer, if that’s what she shows passion for. Such phrases will not only rob the child of her motivation, but also deprive her of confidence, and lower her self-esteem. Encourage rather than discourage. If your child only hears criticism about her attempts, she is less likely to want to try new things and will be much more likely to fail at anything she sets out to do.

2. Praise children for any accomplishment.

Good grades at school, winning a sports competition, and a beautiful drawing are all equally important. Keep in mind that your child’s talents may be different from your own priorities; that does not diminish the value of her personal successes.

3. Take advantage of advance praise, or praise for what will happen.

Advance praise will inspire your child’s self-confidence and strength: “You can do it!”. “You almost did it!” “You’re going to cope with it!”, “I believe in you!”, “You will succeed!” A bit of encouragement in the morning can be enough to get your child through the struggles of a long day.

Say these words to your children: I believe in you. Never give up. Learning is a process. Every professional used to be a student just like you now. You should can learn new things, even when it’s hard. You are safe, you are surrounded by our love and care.

Said in appropriate situations and explained to your child, these will become more than words: they will become a strong motivation and support in every situation.

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