Father-Daughter Relationship: Why Are They So Important

11 August 2016

The man who has the strongest influence on a daughter is her father. Dad’s impact is extremely important, because it can be seen in her self-esteem and confidence, and of course her perception of men. Dad’s approach to life is an example for his daughter to create her own life, and especially a guide for her relationships with men.

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Mothers and fathers are equal partners in caregiving. Nowadays, dads as well as moms can be hands-on, changing diapers, putting babies to sleep, giving baths and comforting kids when they cry. These efforts are the beginning stages of important relationship-building between parents and their children. A father’s presence is important at each stage of his daughter’s life. He has to work on building trustworthy relationships with his daughter from the very beginning so that she can feel comfortable talking to him about everything that is going on in her life.

A father’s involvement in his daughter’s life can significantly boost her self-esteem. Dad’s constant presence in her life, his encouragment and conversation, his ability to be alert to her feelings, and taking the time to listen to his daughter’s thoughts and showing interest in her hobbies will help the little girl to grow up feeling secure and confident in her own abilities.

Does father influence his daughter’s relationships?

The answer is yes! The sort of men women choose for dating and long-lasting relationships has a direct correlation to the relationship she had with her dad. The good example of a dad who treated her with love and respect helps a woman to choose a man with the same qualities. Showing respect to her mom is equally important, whether they are still married or separated. A girl must see a father who treats women with respect. Your daughter is going to look for a man in her life that will reflect your attitude to women. If you respected and valued women, she will seek out the same attitude from men; if you failed to do so, unfortunately she might consider such an attitude to be normal and let men disrespect her through her whole life.

Moreover, fathers influence social traits in their daughters

Father-son relationships may come more naturally to fathers than father-daughter ones, especially when his little girl grows up. But your lack of communication might influence her way of interacting socially with other people. Your interaction with your daughter will positively guide her communication with males and females in the future. Pay attention, communicate and interact with your daughter, and remember that your role in her life has an impact on her ability to express her emotions, thoughts, and feelings.

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