How To Prepare Your Child For Spring

25 February 2017

Winter cold days are at an end and spring will come soon. The change of one season to another affects the mood and well-being of not only adults, but also children. So, it is necessary to prepare your children for the arrival of spring. We offer several tips that will help you make the change of seasons smoother.


Make sure there is spring clothing and shoes for your kids available. Children grow, and during the cold months some clothes could become too small. It is better to buy multiple sets for everyday wear.

To avoid getting colds or vitamin deficiency, give your children vitamins, but do not forget to first consult a doctor. Provide your child with proper nutrition. Your daily menu should include plenty of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and juices. Do not forget to serve fruit drinks, they will help to strengthen children’s immunity.

Read poems and stories about spring to your kids. You can also watch an interesting documentary about the awakening of nature. Learn a poem or a few about spring.

Tell your children about birds flying back home and construct a birdhouse for the arrival of the birds. Let your tot take an active part in the preparation of the house for the feathered friends.

Another way to prepare for spring can be drawing a picture on a spring theme. Use a pencil, paint or markers. Make it bright and positive.

You can plan a trip to the forest for picking the first spring flowers. And remember to take your camera with you.

Check the technical condition of the child’s bicycle and roller skates. As soon as the snow melts, it becomes warm, and the asphalt dries out, your child will want to spend all their free time outside.

Another good idea is making a holiday of the first day of spring in March. Bake or buy a ready-made cake, decorate the table with fresh flowers and lay a bright tablecloth. Sing fun songs for children. If you enjoy this holiday you can make it a family tradition, and celebrate the long-awaited arrival of beautiful spring annually.

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