How To Teach Your Child To Be More Responsible

19 September 2016

Each parent wants his child to become confident and responsible, but responsibility is learned step by step, just like talking or walking. We all want our kids to be caring and thoughtful, and good listeners. But of course teaching them to be responsible, including taking care of themselves and others, managing school life, home, and finally job, is our top goal. If you ever want to reach this goal, you have to start when your children are young.

How To Teach Your Child To Be More Responsible
These tips can help teach your kids to become more responsible.

1.Be a model

It’s very easy to tell your child: “be responsible and clean up after yourself!” But your child has to follow an example, and that example is you.

As a parent you have many responsibilities, which means that you can demonstrate responsibility on a daily basis. When you make promises to your children, keep them. Don’t put things off if you have promised to do them.

Always be on time rather than make excuses about working late. Encourage your kids to help with housekeeping as well. If you don’t demonstrate responsibility, your child will never learn it. Don’t forget to reward your kids when they act responsibly and do some of the chores without you asking them.

2.Teach responsibility gradually

Just like children don’t learn how to walk or talk all at once, they also need to gradually learn what it means to be responsible. It’s important to start teaching responsibility when your kids are very young. You can start when they are two or three years old. At that age, your child can already start to wash his hands and brush his teeth by himself. You can also teach him how to turn off the light when leaving a room.

If your kid is a kindergartener, he can get himself dressed, make his bed, or feed the pet. By elementary school, your children can wash their hair, shower, put their laundry away, vacuum, and keep their bedrooms clean. When they reach tween and teen age they can do laundry, help you to prepare meals, help with yard work, put out the garbage, and help with cleaning the house.

As they get older, they do more of the things adults do.

3.Let them know the consequences of irresponsibility

Never do for children what they are capable of doing for themselves. It’s important that they take ownership of their own responsibilities. Don’t do their homework if they didn’t manage to or have forgotten. Step by step, your child is learning to be forgetful and irresponsible. Your child needs to understand the consequences of forgetting to do something he is responsible for.

Realize that it’s better for your child to stay several times after class and learn that his mom will not bail him out anytime he is irresponsible. It’s your job to support your children as they grow. It doesn’t help anyone if you just do everything for them.

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