Make Unique and Wondrous Lace Clay Ornaments

8 December 2016

In our family December is about slowing down and keeping things simple. It’s about homemade gifts. In the western society most people are privileged to have covered their needs and sometimes it can even be hard to come up with a list of christmas wishes. That is why homemade gifts are so cool because they are unique and made with love and care.

Invitation to create with self hardening clay and old laces.

Invitation to create with self hardening clay and old laces

I have had these old laces for ages. My mother handed them to me when I was a young girl and because they are precious, I hadn’t found the right purpose for them. This was such a beautiful way to keep memories alive.

Lace clay ornaments in the making

You can make all kinds of shapes, hearts, circles, stars and also design your own shape. We used small cookie cutters, glasses and bowls. By placing the lace on the clay and rolling over with a rolling pin, a pattern was created. Once the ornaments were made, we used a straw to make a little hole in each one.

Lace Clay Ornaments

Waiting for our ornaments to dry

By placing them on baking paper, we made sure that the ornaments won’t stick to the paper. It took about three days – that was the boring part..

Lace Clay Ornaments1

Painting the ornaments with acrylic paint

You can add a little water to the paint, if it’s too thick. We thread the ornaments with different kind of yarn, hemp twine and cord.

Lace Clay Ornaments2

Our finished lace clay ornaments

We packed them in clear bags, which was a nice touch to our finished ornaments. It brought joy to see our children enjoying and following a creative process. You can hang them in the window, on the Christmas three or even make a necklace with them. So many possibilities..

The joy of giving

We made them as little gifts for people. This was a good way to teach our children more about giving – they were so proud of their work and it was a great way to encourage them to give away their artwork. It’s a fantastic thing to watch our children opening the advent gifts, and their christmas gifts. To see the delight in their little faces as they open each gift and find the special presents, they have been waiting for. They know the joy of receiving, and we also want to learn and show them the joy and warmth of giving. Learning that you can make you own things that will be treasured for their uniqueness and the love and care they put into it.

Wishing you a very lovely December and good luck with the lace clay ornaments, hope you will have fun.

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