Parenting Tips For The Holidays

27 December 2016

Just before winter celebrations, when everybody is preparing for Christmas and New Year, it is important to remember that the holiday should bring joy and not sad memories. How can you make sure that your holiday plans won’t harm your child’s health?


Create a festive atmosphere in the house and involve your children in decorating rooms and the Christmas tree. There is no doubt that the beautiful toys and tinsel will attract your children’s  attention. You can produce hand-made toys and decorations together. Cutting out snowflakes from white paper and stringing garland is not only interesting, but also useful for your children’s development.

Let your children watch Christmas fairy tales and cartoons. Write a letter to Santa Claus. If the children are still too small to write, you can do it together. You can also offer your child the chance to draw a picture of the present that they want and then ask them to explain their drawing.

Do not forget to read with your kids or help them learn a short Christmas poem. Show them how to dance around the Christmas tree.  Encourage your child to make a small gift for Santa Claus, for example, a card or do appliqué.

When it comes to presents, be sure not to be seen by your kids when you put them under the tree. Do not deprive your little ones of the happy fairy tale about Santa and save one more year before the truth is revealed.

Verbal congratulations are also very important for children. They should realize that the holiday is not just about receiving gifts, but also wishing everybody the best. It is better to have your children at the table with you during the festive dinner, let them see the well-groomed family and festive table decorations.

Keep in mind that it is essential to make these wonderful, funny, happy days safe. After all, Christmas and New Year are not only a season of gifts, but also a period of overeating. Parents have to make sure that the holidays pass without serious consequences for your children’s mental and physical health.

During this winter period people often visit each other, in the house there is always a lot of children and safety issues are always relevant.Choose the products and toys you purchase over the holidays carefully to make sure no one gets hurt.

Moreover, moms will cook a variety of dishes, each of which should be definitely tasted by kids. Make sure the food is safe, keep in mind what needs to be refrigerated, and pay attention to any food allergies. Also, don’t let your kids eat too much it could make them sick, and it does not serve as a very good model of healthy habits.

During each holiday, have your camera close to you. Remember, these are precious moments, they should be happy and filled with joy. Your children’s memories depend on you.

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