Thanksgiving Day Facts For Kids

21 November 2016

Thanksgiving Day is one of the most popular holidays in the United States. A number of traditions that Americans hold sacred are associated with this holiday. Dinner with the family, the dishes that could be found on the table of the first American settlers, watching a football game, pre-Christmas mood, words of prayer and gratitude… without these, Thanksgiving Day is simply not possible. But its meaning goes deeper than that, and it is important to teach your children: everyone can think about something he or she is grateful for.


Thanksgiving Day has a very interesting and sometimes unexpected history. We have collected several things your children will love about the holiday.

Turkey was not served on first thanksgiving. According to historians, in the menu of the first Thanksgiving Day, there was no turkey. Instead people had deer or venison, ducks, geese, oysters, lobster, eel and fish.

No forks on the table. Foods of the first Thanksgiving Day was eaten with spoons and knives, because forks were only introduced to the Pilgrims ten years later.

Pardon of turkeys. Since 1947, there is a tradition of pardoning a turkey by the US President. Thirty birds are taken for the ceremony that takes place at the White House. Among them, two are voted as “national turkey” and “Vice-turkey.” During the ceremony, the President reads out decree of pardon before the bird. Later, the bird is sent to a farm to live out their days peacefully. “Vice-turkey” is chosen in order to, if necessary, replace the national one.

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated even in space. Astronauts say that Thanksgiving in space is the most memorable holiday.

Another attribute to the holiday is charity. Every respectable American strives to feed the homeless, donate money or do something to help those who are not very lucky in life. Charities hand out gifts to the needy, organizing dinners, because every citizen of the country should receive a portion of a turkey this day. Charity is something to be taught to children from the time they are young. The more you give, the more you get. Being compassionate toward people, feeling free to share and making someone happier are really valuable qualities of a person.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you!

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