This Fall, Skip the DIY and Do-it-together!

23 September 2016

Fall Art Projects to do with Tots

Fall Art Projects to do with Tots

Who else is beyond ready for pumpkin everything?

I’ve got out the fall leaves, the wreath for the door, and some awesome printables framed and ready to “spice” up our home. Yet, I looked around and of course, I wanted to put up some more fall décor.

As I was looking through all the DIY options, I thought about the difficulties of crafting with toddlers running around. The thoughts of when, where, and the how of it all quickly overwhelmed me. Then I thought, wouldn’t it be nice if I could involve the twins in what I wanted to do. Then I could display their art as for decorations.  That is when it occurred to me, this year I’m going to going to skip the DIY and DIT.

This year we are going to Do It Together!

What better way to enjoy playing and learning this fall season?

So I began hunting for projects that we could make together.

Together we made some Fall Leaf Art.

Leaf Painting Art-

Leaf Painting Art- How we made it:

We taped a couple of leaf cutouts ($1 pack at Dollartree) down to a paper. Using some orange and red paint ($1 each at Michael’s) and some paint brushes, the kids painted on over the leaves (with some adult help of course). When the paint dried we peeled off the leaves to see our art. I used a sharpie to trace the outline to help it POP. Adding an extra gold leaf left over from a previous project gave it some sparkle.

We have also been finding ways to pull learning into our crafts. We found that the foam pumpkins ($1) could easily be used to practice our counting in fall fashion.

Leaf Painting Art

All we used was a black marker to write the numbers on.

We had so much fun doing these together, I’ve already started writing down DIT (Do it together) project ideas for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Enjoyed these ideas, please share! Have some projects you did with your kiddos, WE WANT TO SEE THEM. Post them in comments, or on Instagram with hashtag #playmattersmost

Kids love to learn, and incorporating a theme to their learning like fall or art just makes the learning more fun for you and for them! We learn best when we are having fun!

We have some Great Halloween Centers coming up too to help young parents with young learners work on letters, shapes, and sight words. Visit our site for more great learning and development ideas.

Upcoming Unit: Ghost match-up

See how to use the same materials to play a wide variety of games involving reading, math, and writing with children at various different levels.

I hope you enjoy crafting and learning together.

With Love,


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