Valentine’s Crafts For Children

10 February 2017

Valentine’s Day, that beautiful and long-awaited holiday for all loving hearts, is already approaching.


This holiday is a great opportunity to teach your children how to express their love, how to pay attention to other people, celebrate the feats of love, and of course show your children how much you love them. Every parent, without doubt, would want to give their child something special and memorable, express their sympathy, love and gratitude, and see a happy smile on their children’s faces this Valentine’s Day.

Try to explain your little ones that it is a tradition to give people you love small gifts on St. Valentine’s Day. Presents given on this occasion are full of warm feelings for the person who will receive the gift.

Handmade crafts for Valentine’s Day will be a most suitable gift. Valentine’s Day gifts include numerous Valentine’s cards, heart-shaped objects, sweets, etc.

Here are some of the ideas you can use with your children to prepare for the holiday of love.

Cardboard heart with needles.

To design this type of heart, take a piece of a cardboard box, like the kind that holds small household appliances, shoes, or dishes, anything that you can find around the house. It is better to use crochet thread. However, different ropes, strings, lace or ribbon will also look stylish.

You will need: scissors, pencil. Materials: cardboard, thread

Use scissors to cut a heart of cardboard of the desired size. Make small notches along the edges of the heart. Start winding the thread around the heart, placing it in the notch. The start of thread should remain on the seamy side.  Keep winding until you obtain the desired density of the weave. Leave the tip of the thread on the seamy side, securing it with glue or adhesive tape. Your Valentine’s card is ready. You can put a mini-note with wishes under the top layer of threads.  Let your child sign the note.

Hearts for window

If you have wax crayons in your house, you do not need any extra material, and your children will love this craft.  It is used to decorate the house for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Sharpen the colorful crayons with a sharpener. Place these bright cuttings on baking paper. Cover them with another piece of baking paper and make sure all the cuttings are covered. It is better to place the baking papers with cuttings between newspapers to prevent damage to your iron.

Apply hot iron just for 1 second. Make sure they are all melted. It will be easier for children to cut the hearts if you prepare heart-shaped cardboard patterns. Put them on melted crayon mass and cut around the contour. Make a little hole for the ribbon and hang the hearts by the window. Actually, you can hang them anywhere you want. Or choose the shapes your children love the most.

And of course, we can not imagine Valentine’s Day without a traditional valentine card. Here is the idea of a bright card decorated with little circles of plasticine.

You will need:  scissors. Materials: colored cardboard, plasticine.

Cut out a heart from cardboard. Now you need to pinch off small pieces of plasticine, roll them into balls and flatten them against the cardboard into colored patties. Once it is done, flatten balls of a different color, 2-3 times smaller than the first ones, over them. Therefore, you should fill the entire area of the heart. Combinations of colors and sizes patties are random. Words of love will perfectly fit on the back side of the Valentine’s card.

We hope you use these ideas while preparing for Valentine’s Day with your children

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