Valentine’s Facts For Kids

13 February 2017

February 14 is approaching, when almost every person on earth will receive a congratulatory message on the Day of Love. Valentine’s Day is the most romantic holiday, and it appeared many centuries ago. In the entire history of its existence, it has gathered a collection of interesting facts related to its emergence or celebration! We have selected some that your kids will definitely like.


Teachers and professors turned out to be champions in getting holiday cards.  Students want to show their appreciation on this special occasion. Did you prepare a card with your child for her favorite teacher already?

It is amazing that about 1 billion Valentine’s cards are sent all over the world on this day, and more than 50 million roses are sold each year on Valentine’s Day.

There is a hope that some sort of Valentine’s Day existed many many centuries ago. The oldest love poem found on a clay tablet was preserved from the time of the Sumerians and dated about 3500 BC.

Everybody knows the most romantic love story of Romeo and Juliet. So, according to the Italian postal service, on February 14 to Verona, where Shakespeare’s characters lived, arrive more than a thousand letters with declarations of love addressed to Juliet.

Pilgrims in America traditionally sent waffles, chocolates, marzipan, and candied plums to those with whom they were engaged. These gifts were very expensive, because sugar was a rare product. Later, when sugar beet was used as a source of sugar, the tradition of giving sweets was still preserved. A similar tradition established itself in Italy. Valentine’s Day is called sweet because on this day all Italians give their beloved sweets.

And they were the Gallant French who first introduced love letters containing quatrains.

Another interesting fact is that a significant part of Valentine’s cards in the world are  anonymous and with no return address, written with sender’s left hand or from right to left, which makes the message more mysterious. But after the holiday private detectives receive a lot of work:  to identify of the sender of Valentine’s cards.

We wish all of you a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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