20 Manners Your Children Should Know

25 November 2016

Kids don’t always intend to be rude, they just don’t always realize that their behavior is impolite. They sometimes interrupt adults, or stare at people in the street and talk about them loudly. Parents don’t always have enough time in their busy lives to explain etiquette. Still, we all want our kids to become polite, well-educated, and kind people.

20 Manners Your Children Should Know

There is a list of manners that form the basis of your children’s education and which any child should be taught.

1.Saying “Please” when they ask for something.

2.Saying “Thank you” each time they receive something.

3.Not to interrupt adults when they are speaking except in an emergency. They can wait their turn and speak to you after you finish your conversation.

4.If they want to get someone’s attention right away, teach them to say “excuse me” to interrupt the conversation politely.

5.Teach kids to ask permission before doing something unless they are absolutely certain they are allowed to do it; this will prevent a lot of trouble.

6.Teach your children to speak positively; talking about their dislikes and negative opinions can sometimes hurt others’ feelings.

7.On a similar note, teach your children not to comment on the way other people look, especially if their comments aren’t complimentary.

8.If someone asks your your child “How are you?” teach him how to answer and let him know that it’s polite to ask the same question in return.

9.If you let your child spend time at his friend’s house, teach him to thank his friend’s parents for the good time when leaving.

10.Your children should knock on closed doors and wait for a reply before entering.

11.Teach your kids to never use foul language in the presence of adults, say that adults know these words and think they are unpleasant.

12.Kids shouldn’t call other people mean names.

13.It’s not acceptable to tease or make fun of other people for any reason.

14.If you attend a play or watch a movie in the cinema, kids should sit quietly so they don’t disrupt the rest of the audience, as well as showing respect to the actors.

15.When kids bump into someone (and that happens often), they should say “excuse me.”

16.Your child should cover his nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing.

17.When your child walks through a door, teach him to check if there is someone else coming behind him and to hold the door for that person.

18.Teach your child to say “thank you” when someone helps him. Not only is this just good manners, it also means that person will probably be more willing to help him again in the future.

19.Your child should wipe his mouth when it’s messy at the dinner table, and should also keep a napkin on his lap.

20.Teach your children to ask for others to pass dishes to them at meals instead of reaching across the table.

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