Autumn Health And Safety Tips For Parents

28 September 2016

Autumn is a beautiful season, but it’s also the peak season for colds and flu. We can all follow some very simple tips to help keep ourselves and our children healthy during the fall season.

Autumn Health And Safety Tips For Parents

1.Stave off the flu

The ultimate way to stave of the flu is to get vaccinated. You should make sure to get the flu shot every year. Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze. Wash your hands often, and stay at home when you are sick.

2.Think carefully about antibiotics.

Remember that antibiotics only cure bacterial infections, not viruses. The common cold is almost always caused by a virus, so an antibiotic wouldn’t help to cure it. The flu is also a virus. Your doctor is the only one who can tell if the illness you have is caused by a bacterial infection that can benefit from the use of antibiotics. If you take antibiotics when not needed, it increases the likelihood that bacteria will grow resistant to antibiotics, making it harder to treat many illnesses.

3.Healthy and safe Halloween.

Make sure your Halloween activities are safe for children and visitors of all ages. Only hand out wrapped candy to trick-or-treaters, and make sure that your decorations won’t cause anyone to trip over or crash into anything while walking.

4.Change your clock, change your batteries

We change the time on our clocks two times a year, in fall and spring. Make sure to replace your carbon monoxide and smoke detector batteries twice a year as well.

5.Make sure your food is safe and healthy.

Food nourishes us and brings us joy, but if we’re not careful, it can also make us sick. Wash your hands before eating or cooking. Clean your food prep surfaces as often as possible, and try to use a cleaner that contains bleach if it is safe for your kitchen. Separate different kinds of food to avoid cross-contamination. Use proper temperatures for cooking. Meat should reach an internal temperature of 160 degrees fahrenheit to be safe.

6.Family history.

Did you know that Thanksgiving is also National Family History Day? On that day, or during another family gathering, try to discuss and write down the health traditions in your family, alongside all of the other traditions you share. This list and discussion can help you ensure a healthier future for your family.

7.Prepare for cold weather.

Make sure to find out how to stave health problems caused by cold temperature and what you should do in case troubles arise. When using heaters or fireplaces remember that the risk of fire and poisoning is increased. Make sure you ventilate your house properly and keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

8.Wash your hands carefully.

Make sure to keep your own hands clean as well as your children’s. Handwashing is one of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent the spread of disease. The best way to kill germs is to wash your hands with soap and running water for 20 seconds. However, if that’s not possible, you can use alcohol-based sanitizers.

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