DIY – Cookie Cutter Bird Feeder

29 September 2016

We love nature and animals and we are blessed to have a garden that every day gets lots of feathered visitors. They are beautiful to watch and their song is enchanting. Infact the third word my Littlest E, now 16 month old, said was Bird. We love our singing garden friends and decided to make a yummy fun treat for them.


This fun crafty project involves the whole family and this very quickly became an all-time favourite. Molded in cookie cutters and held together by gelatin, these bird feeders are very easy to make. When I first read the word gelatine I imagined jelly-like wobbly things haning all over my garden like a seedy panna cotta. But don’t worry, it is not like that at all! The gelatin will harden completely and the result is a crunchy bird biscuit.

You will need:
– bird seed
– unflavoured gelatin
– boiling water
– large cookie cutters
– straws
– large bowl
– spoon
– baking sheet
– string

crunchy bird biscuit

1. First dissolve 2 individual packets of gelatin (or 2 tablespoons) in 2/3 cup of boiling water. Important to let an adult help with this step.

2. When the gelatin has dissolved completely, add in 2 cups of bird seed and mix together. Keep mixing for about 3 minutes to make sure the seeds all soak up the gelatin mixture. (Do not worry if you have some gelatin mixture left at the bottom of the bowl. It will not matter at all in the end.)

3. Take your cookie cutters and place them onto a backing sheet and carefully fill them with the bird seed mix. This was my boys favourite step. The all loved spooning the mix in to the cutters and pressing it down with their spoons. Make sure to fill the cutters all the way to the top, and preferably overfill them a little bit, this helps the mixture to sit nice and tight in the cookie cutters.

4. Take your straw and cut it to an inch size and insert the straw into the mixture. The straw will help make a hole for the string to go through later.

5. It is important for the bird seed biscuits to be allowed to dry. Leave the mixture to dry for 3 -4 hours then gently push them out of the cutters and turn them over. Let them finish drying on a baking sheet over night and in the morning gently remove the straws.

6. Pull your piece of string through the hole in the bird seed biscuit and you are now ready to hang your yummy snack for your feathered friends in your garden. Place yourself with a blanket and a book (maybe a cup of tea) and wait for the birds to come and sing thank you for the food.

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