DIY – Easy Origami For Kids

14 September 2016

Origami is a wonderful thing for kids. It’s especially helpful for their creative thinking, especially when you take care to choose patterns that are appropriate for their age. When working on origami paper folding, not only the satisfaction of the process matters, but also the fact that your children will practice following some instructions, improve their fine motor skills, and produce a good product that they can be proud of.


If you do not make origami yourself, you can always go to the internet to find very easy origami patterns which will be fun for your children. You’ll find a variety of photo and even video instructions for the easiest folding. You can learn how to do origami for any holiday or occasion, as well as just for everyday fun.

You’ll have to learn lots of diagrams and follow many instructions, so remember to be patient while you learn the different symbols and techniques.

You can follow simple instructions to create a Rochelle paper plane, for example. Your kids will love the result. Feel free to find your own Disney Planes designs and decorate your paper plane as you wish. Origami and paper folding is a great option to spend time with your child while just sitting together and creating something interesting. It gives you something a little bit different to do together, and there is not a lot of pressure or stress involved in the process. You can just enjoy being creative and having fun. Even better, you won’t be distracted by the noise of a videogame or TV show.  

It’s good if origami is a part of your child’s curriculum at school. But even if it isn’t, you and your children can appreciate turning a piece of a flat paper into something really special. They’ll remember this wonderful experience even when they grow up, and they can share it with their own children.

Some origami designs are very simple, so kids can create them with little or no help at all. As soon as your kids master these simple origami models, try some more challenging ones.

Origami Boat

This kind of origami is very simple for young kids.

  1. Take a square piece of paper, and if it is a colored paper, put the white side face up.
  2. Fold along a diagonal to create a triangle.
  3. Then fold up one corner of that triangle upward and unfold it up again to create a bend line.
  4. Then create a reverse fold.
  5. Bring the bottom corner upward between the sides of the boat.
  6. The pointed top of the cabin is flattened now; you can cut or tear off the top or do another reverse fold.
  7.  Open up your boat and enjoy the play!

You can find lots of other origami models, for example dogs, pigs, butterflies, hats, foxes, hearts, and many others on the internet to try to make with your kids. After that, your kids will be excited to decorate their masterpieces with pencils or crayons, or with anything their imagination allows.


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