DIY – Halloween Costume Ideas

28 October 2016

Everyone loves Halloween, especially kids. And Halloween costumes are one of the best parts of the celebration because this is a special day when our children can turn into their favorite characters, and we are able to help them with that.

Choosing a Halloween costume you can set your imagination free because it can be absolutely anything. It really doesn’t have to be something scary. You can create a cute and sweet costume for your child instead. Everything depends on your preferences and imagination.


Lots of stores offer a choice of Halloween costumes. But there is no need to spend a lot of money. Instead, you can create your own unique costumes and have fun with your child during the creative process.
First you and your children should decide the characters they want to be. Then, look around your house to see what can be used to make your costumes. Here are several fun ideas that are very simple to make.


It will only take you 15 minutes to create this costume. You will just need a roll of bandage that you can wrap all around your tot and voila, the costume is ready. For a fiercer look, you can create blood stains with red paint. Sunglasses will add expression and extravagance to the character.


Make your child up with dark green theatrical makeup. Check to make sure that the makeup is safe for your child’s skin. For greater effect, outline scars and stitches clearly around the face. Look for a jacket or dark shirt for the wardrobe, and your Frankenstein comes alive.

Killer Doctor

To create the killer doctor character, you will need to find a blue or white coverall, scrubs, or lab coat, and cover it with red paint to imitate blood stains. This image is complemented by various tools doctors use: the mask covering the face, a large syringe, stethoscope, a or cap with a red cross.

Mad Scientist

To do this, you just have to take big round glasses and a white coverall or lab coat. Mess up your kid’s hair, and in one moment she will turn into a mad scientist.

It’s not difficult to create other original costumes using materials at hand. You can use anything you find scattered around: cardboard boxes, balloons, bright ribbons, foam, wool, etc. Get creative together with your children and invent unusual Halloween costumes with your own hands. This process will make the holiday even more fun.

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