Fun outdoor activities for kids

7 June 2016

It is very important to pay attention to the physical condition of children, starting from their first months of life. Constant activity is the basis for physical health as well as mental and cognitive development of young children. Spending time outdoors also helps prevent infections and colds.

Of course, parents need to keep their children safe, but at the same time, researchers note that parents who forbid their children to play with their peers, run, and make noise in fact limit their children’s development.

Of course, outdoor activities for children should not be traumatic or exhausting, but physical activity is necessary from birth.


When a child is able to walk confidently, their range of outdoor activities expands. When you take your child to the playground, he can ride the swings and move, run, and roll down the hill, and, just as important, play with other children. Grab a ball and play games to help your child develop gross motor skills such as throwing and catching, and build their coordination and agility.

Children can start learning to ride a bike at the age of two. Balance bikes are recommended, as they make it easier for children to transition to a standard bicycle when they get older.


As children grow, the variety of available outdoor activities grows along with them. Kids love playing sports with their friends or parents. The number of ways to play outdoors is limited only by your imagination. Active outdoor games are possible all year long, not only in the warm months. In the fall, parents and children can choose from a large number of interesting sports, like soccer, basketball, and football. Don’t miss the chance to stay in the open air and to gain vivid impressions of the natural world before the weather turns colder!

In winter, kids rejoice in snow. Try to spend as much time as possible outside. Before going for a walk with your baby, grab warm gloves to be able to build a snowman and throw snowballs together. Children also love sledding. This is a lot of fun and excitement, but make sure the sled is safe and secure and ride with your baby so you can protect him in the event of danger.

A child should go outside and play every day. Any time and in any weather, we can find ideas for active and energetic play for our kids!

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