Halloween​ ​Recipes

26 October 2016

Holidays like Halloween require special decor and, of course, food. Halloween food should reflect the spirit of the holiday. You can prepare even the simplest dish; the most important thing is decoration. The food you are going to cook can be really spooky with all those spiders, blood, bats, and skulls. Remember though that Halloween recipes for kids should not only be themed and fun, but also healthy and tasty. If you are organizing a Halloween party for kids, or attending one, these simple recipes will come in handy.


Ghost Pizza

You can cook your favorite pizza or even buy it from the store. To make it a themed pizza, cut several ghosts from cheese, take the pizza crust, cover it with delicious sauce, decorate with ghosts of cheese, and wait until the cheese melts. Voila!

Stuffed Peppers

These are a very nutritious food that is lots of fun to eat. As stuffing, you can use salad, tomato paste, or minced meat. Cut the skin of the peppers in the form of funny faces; this will make the dish more attractive to young guests.

Big-eyed Decoration for Salad

Even if your child does not enjoy vegetables, this special Halloween salad will be a totally different story. The flavor of the salad will be its decoration – the eyes. Use tomatoes and eggs or mayonnaise and olives to create the “big-eyed” salad.

When it comes to desserts for Halloween, your imagination is boundless. We offer several simple but very tasty Halloween sweets.

Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin Heads from Orange

Wash the oranges thoroughly, make the cuts with a sharp knife, cutting only the peel and avoiding the pulp. Cut off the top and take the orange carefully out. The container for the jelly is ready. Prepare it in another bowl and let it set. If the jelly is made of raspberry, cherry, or strawberry, it will have a bright color and look very mysterious.

Oatmeal Cookies

These are usually not too popular among kids, but the trend can be changed. Place long strips of colored icing on the cookies, and those ordinary cookies become cheerful mummies.

Attention should also be paid to drinks. Any red drink will look extremely impressive when served in syringes or vials. For such a celebration, kid-friendly cocktails with unusual colors or decorated with spiders, eyes, or “blood stains” are very suitable. For example, cranberry juice is a useful and nutritious drink for Halloween. Pour it in small glass jars or glasses and decorate the jars with figures of ghosts. If you use the right recipe, kids will forget that it’s good for them and just remember how much fun it is to eat and drink.

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