How to Connect With Other Moms

9 September 2016

Making friends is always exciting, especially for new moms. When other moms have kids the same age as yours, it’s good to build friendships with them so you can laugh, and share experiences and fears concerning motherhood. Every new mom has questions they might feel embarassed to ask, or might feel they don’t know quite what to do as they are just starting out with motherhood. And every mom needs friends no matter what the age of her child.

mom friendship

Go out more often

Of course your baby sleeps a lot, but don’t spent all day at home. Take your baby in the stroller and go exploring. Walking around with a stroller is a great way to start getting to know other moms. Lots of people will stop and chat, or even just tell how cute your baby is. People love connecting with other people. Look for your local playground and meet other new moms there.

Make the first step

Don’t wait for other moms to come and talk to you. If you see a parent you could communicate with, just go up and start talking. Remember that all moms on the playground are in the same boat. In most cases it’s your toddler who helps you. Kids at that age come up and make friends with each other and even with moms. Just join the conversation and you’ll soon have plenty of friends.

Share contact information

Once you’ve shared a few words and laughs, don’t hesitate to share your contact information with other moms. Don’t ask for everything at once, just ask how she prefers to be reached: texts, calls, emails etc. If your new friend suggests contacting her via social networks, be sure to ask her last name, or just offer your information. If she doesn’t contact you, don’t be too sad, there are plenty of moms on the playground to get connected with.

Plan the first meeting

Choose a good time for your child when he can play without demanding much of your attention and suggest meeting at that time. Your children can play while you can watch them from the playground bench, so that you can also talk. Keep the first play date short, an hour or two is plenty of time.

Use your kid’s nap time

Instead of doing cleaning or washing at home while your baby is sleeping, take him in the stroller for a walk and see your new mom friend. Spend time together drinking coffee or sitting at the bench in the park while your kids snooze.

Keep in mind that another mom may not immediately become your best friend, but your kids might get along well. That’s one reason to keep communicating, and don’t forget there are many other moms looking for friendship as well!

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