Scented Colourful Snow Dough

29 November 2016

Winter is soon here and this is the time of year when I feel I miss home the most. Not because I miss my family, which I do of course, not that I miss the food, which I also do a lot, but because I miss a real snowy white winter.

Scented Colourful Snow Dough

I grew up in Sweden and I remember how me and my sister used to tiptoe up early to see if it had started to snow. Then suddenly the morning came, beautiful silent snowflakes falling down covering the garden in with fluffy snow. We would run and wake mum and dad and light candles in the kitchen and stand there watching the snow fall while the coffee was brewing, eating clementines and cracking nuts.
But here, where we live in south west of England, we have not had proper snow since 2013. I remember as that’s the winter my L was born and I was terrified we would get to the hospital in time. So with lack of snow we decided to make our own. We renamed our forever favourite – cloud dough and made Snow Dough and had an indoor snowball fight (you might want to have the vacuum cleaner ready).
We used a few drops of yellow food colouring with a few drops of lemon extract and a few drops of red food colouring with a few drops of strawberry extract! The kitchen smelled divine. Next time we will try a green peppermint and a brown chocolate. Why not try the combinations for some wintry cosy play :
Peppermint & lemon
Chocolate & orange 
Apple & vanilla
For our lovely Colourful Scented Snow Dough

You Need:

2 cups Flour
1/2 cup Baby Oil ( other recipes say any vegetable oil so try what suits you)
1 teaspoon of extract for scent
Food colouring

To Make Colourful Scented Snow Dough:

Pour the flour into a bowl and make a well in the centre.
Pour your oil, extract and colouring into a cup and stir a little to mix it up and then pour into the centre of the well.
Then slowly fold in the flour until you have a creamy solid colored paste in the center of your bowl.
Then use your hands or a fork if you prefer to mix it all together properly.

Finally enjoy your Snow themed indoor play!! Make snowballs, snow sculptures, snowmen! Add beads and pieces of fabric to your play to create your ultimate indoor snowman!

(When you are finished with the play, store in a air tight container. Mine seem to last forever.)

Scented Colourful Snow Dough

Enjoy Your Colourful Scented Snow Dough

Love Dez xx 

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