Talking About Love With Kids

9 February 2017

Parental love is one of the most stunning manifestations of our human nature. Children are gifts from above, because they help us to express all the love we keep in our hearts. We prepare breakfast for our children, wash their clothes, working ourselves to death, and everything is for them, right? Is this not a sufficient expression of love? You may think that this is enough: because actions speak louder than words, right? However, for a child there is nothing more important than feeling the love of their parents, and not just to know it’s somewhere there. For a child it is very important to hear your words: “I love you”, receive kisses, and feel the warmth of the embrace.


For our kids, family is their world; and your actions are the numerous and yet strange movements in this world; your expression of feelings and emotions (words, intonation and hugs), these are real and significant events that the young child is able to truly understand.

Unfortunately, we adults often forget about this. We think that it goes without saying that we love our children. We live in a strange world. Many of us are comfortable enough to explain to a child what bad words are and it is not good to say them. Many parents (though not all) help their children with their homework, talking about pistils and stamens, explaining the early part of sex education. However, many parents can not naturally and sincerely tell their child how much they love her and how happy they are to have her as part of their lives.

The older the child becomes, the less often he hears words of love from her parents. At the same time, the older the child becomes, the more important it is for him to hear these words.

So what words of love should you say to your children?

In fact, it is necessary to say what you feel. It makes no sense to hang a reminder on your refrigerator and say it automatically every time you are making a sandwich. Children can feel better than adults, and you can’t fool them. However, if you are looking at your child and your soul wants to tear apart from happiness, tell her at that moment about your love.

Hugs are also very important. For a child it is a natural expression of feelings, which should be encouraged, rather than suppressed.

One last piece of advice: Children learn how to better and more naturally express their feelings by watching their parents. If mom and dad do not consider it shameful to hold hands, embrace each other while watching TV, kiss at meeting and parting, help each other, give gifts and talk about love, the child will realize that such behavior is a norm for loved ones.

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