Thanksgiving Сraft Ideas

18 November 2016

Thanksgiving Day is one of the most loved holidays. On this day, the whole family gets together for a celebratory dinner, grandparents may come to visit, there is usually a traditionally prepared turkey and often a large pumpkin pie, and everybody say words of appreciation.


This is an excellent occasion to involve your kids in preparing some hand-made articles that can be given to relatives and close friends, or used as a decoration for your house or table.
Here are several crafty ideas to make the holiday a little more special for you and your children.

Grateful turkey

To make this cute turkey you will need:

  • toilet paper rolls
  • red, yellow and orange cardstock or construction paper
  • scissors and glue
  • Two eyes

How to:

Draw the shape of feathers on colored paper and let children cut them out. You will need two or three feathers of each color. Ask your children to write down what they are thankful for on the feathers, one word for each feather. If they don’t know how to write yet, you can write down their words. Use orange paper to cut legs and a small triangle for the beak, and red paper cut in the shape of a peanut for the turkey beard. Glue the paper feathers on one side of the toilet paper roll. Eyes, beak, beard, and feet should be glued onto the opposite side of the toilet paper roll. Your turkey is done!

A friendly family 

This craft is a wonderful family project which will be nice to get out of Memory Box after five or ten years. To make this you will need paint, paper and the handprints of family members.

Cover the palms of each family member with paint. You can order the handprints by age if you want to, or find other ways of making an interesting pattern that suits your family. The handprints will look more interesting if you use paint of different colors for each finger. When the prints are made, you can add details to transform your handprints into a family of turkeys if you wish. Don’t forget to sign the handprints and put the date. You can even go a step further and laminate each handprint to create an original placemat or coaster.

Hand-made wreaths

Decorative and festive wreaths, whether inside the house or hung up on the front door, are an integral part of holidays. Wreaths in the house  are traditionally said to protect the owners from evil spirits. Making one with your children is simple. You can make it from any available materials: cones, nuts, Christmas decorations, cardboard, material, and beads, All you need is desire and time.

Components for making a wreath are in every house: 

  • Metal clothes hanger;
  • pieces of fabric, about 15-20cm long;
  • ribbon.

Ask your children to cut the fabric into strips of the necessary length while you make a circle of the metal hanger. Then all of you can start tying the fabric strips to the metal circle. Since this is an autumn holiday, it is better to choose fabrics of appropriate colors. If you drop into any fabric store they will give you scrap pieces for free. Or you can cut unnecessary thing you have lying around. The final touch is a beautiful bow of satin ribbon that serves as an ornament and a loop at the same time. Hang your wreath on the wall and enjoy the view!

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