Time Management Tips For Moms

9 March 2017

In the early years of motherhood, a young mother lacks two basic things: time and sleep. To be able to keep up with her children and find time for herself, a mom should learn to manage her time effectively.

time management tips for moms

The child is your benchmark

The center of the life of a young mother is her child. Therefore, organizing your time will be the most convenient if you take into account your child’s daily regimen. Consider your child or children’s daily routine, and plan your life starting from this.

Sort your affairs

All mom’s affairs can be divided into two types: those that can be done while the child is awake, and those that are best done while the child is asleep. For example, you can water the plants and feed the cat with your child. But things like ironing, or baking a turkey in a hot oven, are better postponed until the baby’s daytime nap.

Do not break the regimen

If you build and always maintain a clear daily routine for your baby, you can save a lot of time and effort. By the time you need to put her to bed, she will be yawning lazily, and before dinner she will have a good appetite. But remember: several tiny violations of the routine may destroy what you have been working on for several months, so be very careful when you alter your schedule for any reason.

The organization of space: Children’s zone

If there is a baby corner with her toys, and with no scissors, needles, fire, or other dangerous items in every room of your house, it will be easier for you to get things done around the house. You do not have to think about where to put your child and which toys to give. Your baby can watch you in every room and be quiet, seeing her mommy and hearing her voice.

Do everything in stages

The young child cannot stay without your attention longer than 10-20 minutes. Therefore, divide all your chores into small steps, between which you can interrupt and spend some time with your tot.

Prioritze: what is important and what is not?

If you perform not 100% but 90% of your daily plan, nothing bad will happen. For example, feeding and taking care of the children are urgent business. Cooking is important, but it can wait a couple of hours. Washing the dishes can be postponed until tomorrow or delegated to the father.

Do not reject help

Even if you’re used to doing everything yourself, in the first years of motherhood you will need help. It may be the child’s father and your parents, but if they are not around your friends can also help you.

Remember to take rest

The young mother, like any working person, needs rest. After all, as you know, a mother has no weekends or holidays, and the working time is not on a set schedule.

Force yourself to relax!

Yes, force it.  Invite guests or go out of town with your family, visit your parents, friends, parks, movie theaters – try to have some entertainment planned for every weekend because you will never be able to have a good rest at home, you will always find what needs to be done. So do not let the weekend tire you more than weekdays.

And most important, leave some time for yourself every day, even 15-20 minutes, which will help you restore your strength.

And remember, after all, you will hardly be able to do everything you want, and life does not end with motherhood, but only begins. When your baby comes to this world you will discover a new world, unknown until then. Greet each new day with a smile, love yourself and your family, enjoy each passing moment, and you are sure to find time for work, leisure and self-improvement.

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