Ways to Ignite Your Child’s Imagination This Summer

8 July 2016

Summer means sea, sun, and days spent at the beach. Unfortunately, we often hear in the summer that our kids are bored, and when parents are employed, it isn’t easy to combine work with education, daily routine, and productive and creative memories for our children. But it’s necessary that we do so, for our child’s development. You have to keep paying attention to creative activities in the summer, as much as you pay attention to cooking or laundry.


There are some things you can discover together to develop the imagination all season long.

Taking a trip by plane, sea, or land is an excellent method to explore your child’s imagination. Traveling through different interesting historical places will help your child remember some of the important things they learn about.

The sky at night
The dark sky is another wonderful thing you have in summer. Purchase a telescope, do some investigation online, and stargaze with your kid. You can also lie together on a blanket and discover the stars and universe.

Almost anything at home could be the main character of your play. Keeping imagination developing can be very easy when you make a tomato talk to broccoli or a hairbrush dance with a spoon. Your kids will join such a play very quickly and you won’t even have to work hard. Create an interesting story together.

Discovering nature
You can inspire your children’s creativity by just going out and walking among the trees. Nature gives us the best scripts and props for play with kids. Your kids can climb a hill and imagine they’re surfing down the lava of a volcano. Build a house for fairies or go to a puddle to create a raft for ninjas. Be patient, and remember that such play is very easy for you both. It doesn’t take much time or effort, but you get a wonderful reward.

Let your kid make a mess
Of course parents spend all day cleaning up. But still, allow your children to dig in the dirt or fill their shoes and socks with the sand. Don’t be mad when your kids make mud cakes and sell them to your neighbors. Let their imagination run free.

Books and stories
Books are a good method to ignite your child’s imagination, and help them learn as well. Choosing a book rather than a TV show will make your child imagine each of the characters and elements of the story. But you may also create your own story, without a book. Let your child create the details, characters, and conflicts.

Kids explore the environment with the help of their imagination, and you must help them set it free.

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